From design to production, we provide the ideal technology to bring your event into reality

The event in all its dimensions and forms – institutional, corporate, business, scientific-informative, educational, artistic – is one of the main and most effective communication tools, a prime moment of presentation, relationship, reputation, sharing and participation.

Technology plays a fundamental role in this area and is now part of the construction strategy of the event itself.

The events sector, our natural element for more than twenty years, has always fascinated us and engages us in the study and realization of adequate and tailored technological solutions – Audio, Video, Projections, Lights, Multimedia, Software & Innovation. All the basic services, implementations and innovations available for the perfect execution of the event-experience.



From live to online events. Our know how and technology at your service.

The online event has creative, organizational and operational dynamics, just like the in-person event. No Hat-Trick…

… Many possibilities, multiple tools and functions that can be activated according to specific needs that lead to the construction of an event format, whether in presence, fully digital or hybrid.

By analyzing goals, contents, target, logistical issues, dissemination and interaction, we evaluate the best choice in terms of technological solutions and multimedia opportunities, to guarantee the usual technological support for communication needs, break down distances and implement alternative communication experiences.

From online/virtual suite services (video conference, virtual room, live streaming or on demand event, webinar, etc.) to virtual experience customization solutions (“virtual meeting”).



  • Start-to-finish event management in live streaming and on demand mode;
  • On-site or remotely audio/video direction control room and multi-site technical management;
  • Lay out of broadcast (graphics, virtual environment, logo, sponsor, etc);
  • Connections from different locations (one to one, one to many, many to many);
  • Virtual Set and TV Studio;
  • Management and Content sharing in real time (videos, slides, documents, etc) and on demand (E-Poster virtual area);
  • Integrated web based platform (Video Hub, Social Video, Editing & Video Editing, WebTV);
  • Webinar interface;
  • Streaming for 500, 1000 and + participants;
  • Chat systems, Q&A, Voting, Polls;
  • Audience Management, Engagement, Report systems;
  • Remote simultaneous translation systems;
  • Virtual Invitation (animations and video clips for email, whatsapp, etc);
  • Welcome Video (welcome video clip with info on the virtual meeting);
  • Virtual Bag/Special Thanks & Gifts 😉


  • HUB Video (repository, on-demand, live);
  • Video Landing Page;
  • Live streaming on dedicated web domain;
  • Social Media Integration;
  • Data analysis and reporting;
  • Webinar Landing page (user signing-up page);
  • Transactional Email (registrazione, reminder e follow up partecipanti al webinar);
  • Webinar tools (content sharing&video player);
  • Chat/Q&A;
  • Webinar Video Hub (webinar recording for post-event broadcasting, video on-demand);
  • Editor (editing and video editing for video clips);