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Digital audio amplification and sound systems, Dolby surround, Standard amplification and Line Array, P.A. System, Digital recording, standard and multitrack, Digital Conference System, Digital simultaneous translation with mobile booths complying with European standard ISO 4043.


  • Design and audio equipment for conference venues indoors and outdoors. Analogue digitally controlled amplification and distribution systems, modulated with specific projects for the dimensions and acoustic characteristics of the venues;
  • Equipment and integrative technologies aimed at optimizing the quality level of sound perception, with digital processors (equalizers, com, dolby surround delay etc.);
  • Microphone equipment for every kind of need: panoramic, directional, surface, specific by voice and / or singing and for musical groups;
  • Handheld digital wireless microphones, handless (clips), headset, with multi-channel TX / RX units with digital control;
  • Sound reinforcement of large spaces (arenas, theaters, sports halls) for company conventions, sports events, concerts, fairs, shows etc.;
  • Analysis with simulation software to predict the acoustic results and to optimize the performance of the proposed system;
  • Design with autocad, sketch up pro and sound vision to evaluate the right sound distribution through the use of the latest generation line array loudspeakers;
  • Low environmental impact Installations for particular historical sites, archaeological areas, museum, etc.


  • Audio consulting and design for fixed installations (hotels, theaters, conference rooms, fairs);
  • Selectable multi-zone sound systems, which can be managed separately, set up for emergency “voice over” in compliance with current standard.


  • Mono or multitrack recording systems, digital, integrated in our systems or in “stand-alone” configuration. Possibility of choosing the recording format (Wave, Mp3, etc.), any format conversions, editing, etc.


  • Specific digital microphone systems for round tables, meetings, institutional assemblies, etc.;
  • Connectable systems to collateral systems (indexed registration, simultaneous translation, electronic voting, video auto-detect);
  • Automatic management systems (without the presence of the technician) or remotely managed.


  • Infrared digital systems (BOSCH Integrus system) interfaceable with Conference System, electronic voting, selective recording;
  • Interpreters console in “individual” configuration, multi-channel, pre-programmed for interaction with other consoles;
  • Multi-channel receivers (headphones) complete with charging case;
  • AUDIPACK interpreting booths complying with the ISO4043/2016 standard, with 2 or 3 seats, very soundproofed, complete with air conditioning;
  • Bidule System – Bidule audio system for guided tours or consecutive translation.
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